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Pillows engine

Suspension bushings


Fixing the exhaust system

Dampers are products mostly made of rubber / metal, which is achieved through a flexible connection between rigid elements of the body, suppressing their movement relative to each other, while reducing the transmission of vibration and noise. They are used in automotive vehicles, commercial vehicles and various types of rail vehicles. A range of vibration damping elements made up of several types of products. Engine mounting pads (traditional and hydro-elastic) provide the motor to the chassis, eliminating the transmission of vibrations from a running engine to the chassis, providing passengers with greater comfort.


Suspension bushings (conventional and hydro-elastic) provide the link arm to the steering and the chassis, ensuring the correct vehicle roadholding during acceleration, braking, turns, etc. improve passenger comfort by reducing the transfer to the chassis vibrations from rough roads.


Mounts MacPherson struts, which are flexible connections between the struts and chassis. They fulfill a function similar to the sleeve suspension.

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