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Personal data protection

The Magneti Marelli After Market Parts & Services S.p.A company, which is entitled to process your personal data pursuant to Article 13 D. of the act No 196 of 30/06/2003 (Personal Data Protection Code), hereby presents the information discussed below and declares that the personal data submitted in connection with the established commercial relationship will be processed in accordance with the aforementioned provision.

Personal data subject to processing
The personal data subject to processing include:
- identification data (name of the company, seat of the company, telephone, fax, email, website, fiscal data, etc.);
- data concerning business and commercial activity (solvency, credibility, bank data and accounting data, etc.);
Data of this kind is submitted immediately by the interested party or may be collected by individual third party entities entitled to process the data (e.g. Group company, agent, distributor, commercial agent, commercial partnership, registers, lists or banks of public data, etc.).

Processing methods
The data will be processed by persons indicated by the author of this document as responsible for processing of the data, as well as by external entities belonging to the Group of Enterprises (parent companies and affiliated companies) or by agents, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Processing Code and of the instructions provided by the author.

Access to the IT database is provided also to other eventual third party entities if it is necessary for the purpose of ensuring reliability of operation and of updating of the IT systems.

Data will be processed with the use of tools and of paper and electronic storage media, in accordance with the regulations ensuring security and confidentiality of data as well as data updating and compatibility with the purpose discussed below.

Within the scope of personal data processing it is hereby agreed upon that:
- data will not be disseminated;
- data will be stored until the termination of the commercial relationship with the author of this document, except for data, the storage of which after the termination of the commercial relationship is stipulated in the provisions of law or in the company requirements.

Purpose of data processing
Data may be processed with the following purposes:
- execution of agreements and related legal obligations;
- protection of rights arising from the agreement;
- collection and assignment of debts;
- organisational and commercial management of the agreement and of after-sales activity (e.g. relations with agents, distributors, contractors, service);
- information on solvency and measures of risk protection;
- surveys, research, quality reports;
- internal statistical analysis;
- educational and instructional activity in respect of marketing product/services management in the form of mailed promotional and advertising materials concerning products and services analogical in regard to those that constitute the subject of the established commercial relationship;
- invitations to meetings, manifestations, events organised by the author of this document or the subject of which relates to the commercial relationship.

Nature of of personal data submission
Submission of personal data is compulsory for the purposes referred to in points 1-3, as it arises from the performance of legal obligations and provisions of the agreement, as well as for the purposes referred to in points 4-6, as it is connected to the business activity conducted by the author of this document and with functional aspects of the commercial relationship.

Refusal to submit the data or refusal to grant authorisation to process the data with the objective purposes may bear results for the author of this document and for the interested party in the lack of the possibility of performing the mutual obligations acknowledged upon signing the agreement and of performing the legal obligations.
Within the scope of the purposes referred to in points 7-10, submission of personal data and the processing of data is optional.

Scope of communication
Within the scope of the discussed purposes, personal data may be provided to the following categories of entities: national administrative authorities, regional, provincial and municipal authorities, public security authorities, judicial authorities, group companies and partners, credit institutions, leasing companies, factoring companies, insurance companies, agents, distributors, commercial agents, services, subcontracting and commission companies, transport middlemen, auditing companies, balance sheet and quality certification companies, commercial information and debt collection companies, law firms and technical and tax assistance companies, category organisations, universities, schools of all levels and educational centres, entities responsible for preparation and mailing of institutional periodicals, information leaflets, invitations to commercial events, other entities conducting activity connected to commercial relationship established by the author and the interested party.

Rights of the interested party
Within the scope of the data processing referred to above and of the data stored in the archive of the author of this document, it is lawful to exercise the rights specified in point II Article 7-10 D. of the act No 196 of 30/06/2003, which has been published at www.garanteprivacy. it.
At any time the interested party has the right to refuse to grant permission to mailing via electronic mail notifications with the purposes referred to in points 6, 9 and 10, notifying the decision to the entity responsible for data processing indicated below. In order to receive additional information, it is necessary to make a request to the entity indicated below responsible for data processing.

Entity responsible for data processing
Magneti Marelli After Market Parts & Services S.p.A. - V.le Aldo Borletti, 61/63 - 20011 Corbetta MI is the the entity responsible for data processing.

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