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Code of conduct


Fiat S.p.A. and its controlled companies (1) (collectively, "Fiat") is an international industrial group which, by its size and geographic scope of activity, plays a significant role in relation to the economic, social and environmental communities and countries in which it operates.


The Fiat Group's mission is to create and increase value by providing innovative products and services to best meet customer requirements while respecting the legitimate interests of all categories of shareholders (2). The Fiat Group conducts its business in a socially responsible, impartial and ethical manner; in the HR it uses the principle of equality and fairness, guarantees the safety of employees, promotes and encourages the conscious ecological orientation and complies with all laws in force in the countries in which it operates. However, if the provisions in a given legislation are less stringent than the rules contained in this Code of Conduct (and the Guidelines of the Fiat Group called "the Code"), the provisions of the Code shall prevail.


All business relationships should be honest and loyal, and conducted without any conflict of professional or personal interest. To this end, the Group requires of all its board members, executives and other employees to observe the highest standards of conduct in the discharge of their duties, as specified in this Code, in the policy and in the Guidelines to which the Code refers.


The Fiat Group shares the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the main Conventions of the International Labor Organization and the OECD Guidelines aimed at multinational companies. Therefore, the purpose of the Code, the specific modes of action and the Fiat Group's policy is to comply with such Guidelines.


The Code serves as a guide and a support for each member of the board, manager and another employee of the Fiat Group in order to most effectively implement the mission of the Group.


The Code is an essential element of the entire Group.


Accordingly, the Fiat Group is committed to:

- ensure immediate dissemination of the Code throughout the Group and to all recipients of the Code;

- ensure that all updates and changes are immediately communicated to all recipients of the Code;

- provide appropriate training support and information by providing adequate support in the event of doubt concerning the interpretation of the Code;

- ensure that, if anyone will signal a violation of the Code in good faith, the person is not subject to any form of blackmail;

- impose fair sanctions tailored to the way of breaching the Code and enforce these sanctions in the same way in relation to the board members, executives and other employees (and, possibly, third parties) who should abide by this Code;

- periodically monitor the compliance with the provisions of the Code.


The Fiat Group encourages its board members, executives, other employees and third parties to put forward comments and constructive suggestions with regard to the Code, its application and related issues.


The Fiat Group is committed to make all efforts so that the principles of the Code are also known to its consultants, suppliers and any other entities that have ever conducted business with the Group. The Fiat Group neither cooperates nor continues its business relationships with third parties who refuse to comply with the Code.


Code of conduct



(1) See Appendix A contains the definition of a controlled company.


(2) In the Code of the term "shareholder" means a person, community or organization that affects the operation of one or more companies of the Group, and who or which will bear the physical effects of such actions. These may be internal entities (for example, employees) or external (for example, customers, suppliers, shareholders, local communities) and they take into account future generations.







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