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Air conditioning service station Clima Tech Top Next

Fully automatic air conditioning station Magneti Marelli with capability of 1234yf conversion



Programmer unit and high end electronic control of solenoid valves

• Safety valves

• Pressure sensors

• Pressure sensor in the cylinder (cylinder pressure measurement with alarm)

• Additional coolant condenser (with solenoid valve)

• Two analog pressure gauges

• Printer

• Built-in database with vehicle selection and the capability to add other vehicles

• Electronic balances for oil, coolant and contrast agent

• Service cables with the length of 2.5 m

• Easy to read LCD display

• Four containers for recovered oil, fresh oil, contrast agent and oil for hybrid cars

• Ability to update the database via a standard memory card or USB

• Adapter for flushing the system (optional)

• Option to connect the nitrogen and the measurement of output by pressure sensor at the service station

• Option to convert to the 1234yf agent


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