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In the menu tabs, there are all the databases that are useful during the repair and made ​​available to the Magneti Marelli Checkstar Workshops, Distributors and independent repairers operating the Magneti Marelli unit




Access to this site is free for Checkstar Magneti Marelli, workshops, distributors and registered Magneti owners


It carries collected information on the error codes in the EOBD system concerning both the injection system and other readable by the EOBD system.

The database also includes all the codes specific to individual manufacturers above P1000.



Access to this site is free for All 


Catalog of all Magneti Marelli parts On Line.


Access to this site is free for Checkstar Magneti Marelli workshops, payable to distributors and other customers.


This is a database of Technical Bulletins issued by the Service Personnel of Magneti Marelli After Market Parts & Services in collaboration with Magneti Marelli Checkstar Workshops throughout Europe.

It can be searched by our concerned Area (Gasoline Injection, Air Conditioning, Diagnostics, Diesel Injection, Indicators) or by a problem in the vehicle (No engine fire on startup, No ignition, No cooling, etc..) 

In addition, you can search for Systems or Vehicles for which there is attached documentation and, then, you can the download the documentation.



Access to this site is free for Magneti Marelli Checkstar workshops


The database is developed in collaboration with the OCCP (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection). It includes Service Campaigns in which all the automotive companies operating on the Polish market have been involved in recent years.

Access to this site is available to all the Checkstar Magneti Marelli workshops which can also freely download the attached Data Sheets in order to familiarize themselves with them.

The database can be searched sequentially according to the manufacturer and brand. A pop-up window opens up in which the model, and brand, and a description of the fault is to be given.

After selecting the call number, you can view and print the data from a pdf file.


Last update: January 4, 2012





Access to this website is reserved exclusively for registered users of ReTIS on-line who have purchased the annual access subscription


Efficient and fast to refer tool containing technical data and corrective measures to better manage cars operated on the road.

Alternatively, there is also provided a DVD version (with two updates per year).


It contains the technical information for European and Asian cars, such as:

1. Vehicle identification

2. Location of identification plates

3. List of maintenance inspections with appropriate lubricants and fluids

4. Data on motor control

5. The assembly diagram and images of belts

6. Environmental data and the values of exhaust emission

7. Technical drawings of the vehicle components

8. Diagrams and information on engine control units in European and Asian cars

9. Interactive troubleshooting

10. Review of the data on the engine inspection (FID)

11. Operating procedures in the field of complete repair

12. Wiring system diagrams

13. Wiring diagrams of air conditioning systems

14. Explanation of EOBD codes

15. Technical Bulletins

16. Testing of components

17. Deleting review




Access to this site is reserved for registered users only.


Easy-to-use program for advanced calculation of cost estimates with access to the central databases (vehicles, dates, prices of original and aftermarket parts) available over the Internet, with help of a dedicated server and lines. Customer records and estimates.

Only a few screens through which you access the application, surprising due to the ease of its use, fast response from the server, and a huge amount of data on over 13 million constantly updated parts.

e-Assist contains the database of: Technical inspections and repair instructions, which covers the demand coming from about 80% of cars from 1998 to the present day.

e-Assist is an innovative program available on the Internet, which provides quick and easy access to the remote controlled databases with help of a dedicated server and lines, creating cost estimates, viewing more than 450 price lists of producers and manufacturers of components in a surprisingly short time.

Because the system is fully available online, its entire contents are continuously updated.


e-Assist is an online application, ideal for garage, that needs a solid (containing more than 14 million parts) and, at the same time, easy and intuitive tool that does not require maintenance.


COst estimates

A few user friendly buttons allow the issuing cost estimates and acceptance cards using databases.





Access to this site is reserved exclusively for registered users who purchased the annual access subscription.


AUTODATA is the most widespread database technology in Europe. Autodata guarantees the repair shop through the conclusion of correct agreements with automotive companies on purchasing the data an information about the origin and reliability of products found in it.


1. Technical data on gasoline and diesel engines

2. Timing belts

3. Timing chains

4. Cases of fault-original messages from automotive companies

5. Operational procedures and prepariation of cost estimates

6. Technical inspections and maintenance planning

7. Nameplates and engine identification numbers

8. Reprogramming keys

9. Service lights resetting

10. Service illustrations and drawings

11. Wheel balancing

12. Engine management-testing of components

13. Engine-management-diagnostic values

14. EOBD fault codes

15. Troubleshooting:

16. Management engine-electric schemes

17. Location of components

18. Air conditioning

19. Abs




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