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Cooling systems

Electric ventilators


The widest range of cooling system parts on the European market. Magneti Marelli's offer covers two sets of parts: the original set, which includes radiators, heaters, condensers, electroventilators and intercoolers, as well as the eQual Quality set, which includes radiators and heaters. This product line is complemented by thermostats, which belong to the combustion engine cooling system. A thermostat cuts off the coolant flow so that the drive unit reaches its optimal temperature limit at start-up. Otherwise, the engine would heat up much slower, its performance would be low and the oil would not reach proper density. Upon reaching the optimal temperature in the system, the thermostat opens and increases the surface around which the coolant flows, which extends its course. This, in turn, allows the temperature to be maintained at the right level and prevents the engine from overheating.

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