Narzędzia specjalistyczne i wyposażenie warsztatów

Electronic systems and ignition

systemy elektroniczne

Ignition switches
Ignition modules
Ignition distributors
Ignition distributor caps
Ignition coils
Vacuum units
Pulse generators
Electronic control units
Throttles and throttle sensors
Magnetic pick up units
Idle speed controls
Air flow meters

Ignition switches, ignition modules, ignition distributors, ignition distributor caps, ignition coils, vacuum units, pulse generators, injectors, electronic control units, throttles and throttle sensors, magnetic pick up units, sensors, idle speed controls, condensers, air flow meters.


Air flow meters

Two lines of air flow meters – the original Magneti Marelli product line and the eQual Quality air flow meter line of high quality substitutes, characterised by exceptional manufacturing and operating precision, toughness and durability. They ensure optimal performance, optimal fuel consumption and correct exhaust gas emission parameters.


Ignition coils

Two lines of ignition coils – the original Magneti Marelli product line and the Qual Quality ignition coil line of high quality substitutes. They provide the required high ignition voltage and energy. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, they are resistant to temperature and ensure electromagnetic disturbance-free operation. Intended for cars of most brands, in variants with or without a built-in electronic module.

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