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Urządzenie do geometrii kół C1000

In Magneti Marelli's offer there can be found two types of devices: 3D and CCD based on radio heads.




The C400 devices for the adjustment of geometry is a computer tool to control and adjust the wheel and axle alignment in vehicles.

With a set of eight CMOS cameras, the results obtained are very accurate and reproducible. The instrument is suitable for monitoring and measuring wheel alignment of passenger cars, 4WD vehicles, buses and vans.

Extensive multi-brand database of over 22 000 vehicles updated online.

Trucks and trailers (optional)

Light and handy measuring heads (3.2 kg)


C 1000 - a device for measuring the wheel alignment and adjustment with passive heads of eight 3D cameras

 High accuracy of measurement achieved by using eight high-resolution digital cameras.

Extensive multi-brand database of over 22 000 vehicles updated online

Automatic rotation of the camera allows for getting their proper position regardless of the elevation of the scissor lift raised

No need to adjust the cameras

 Filter protecting against interference from intense sunlight

 Professional software that includes all the necessary features and guides you step by step through the measurement procedure

 Animations to help make the necessary adjustments

 Program memory allows up to five fixed camera angle settings depending on the lift elevation adjusted to the comfort level of the individual user - these settings can be rapidly drawn for shortening further measurements

 Can work together with compensation without having to lift the vehicle axle in the normal position of suspension.

 The device can operate with a four column lift, scissor lift as well as work in combination with the pit. • with the four column lift, the minimum clearance between the columns is 2900 mm

 Adapted to the ROMESS CM 09 606 inclinometer



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