Narzędzia specjalistyczne i wyposażenie warsztatów

High voltage cables

Cables with a spiral core of Hypalon

Cables with a core of carbon and silicon

Cables with a core of silicon and copper

Cables with a spiral core of silicone

Over 600 catalog items representing the quality of first assembly products in both cables (of Hypalon and silicone) and caps (of silicone, Bakelite and aluminum). Reliable starting even in difficult conditions (moisture), improved engine performance, reduced fuel consumption are the main features of Magneti Marelli ignition cables. Covering the needs of the car market amounts to 85%.


The offer also includes Equal Quality ignition wires in which the technical adjustment of individual references to a wider range of automotive brands makes them more versatile than the other resistantive bundles available on the market and cables making up the basic range of Magneti Marelli products.


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