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Magneti Marelli at the fair in Frankfurt in 2011 

- 26.09.2011

The significant presence of Magneti Marelli technology at the automotive fair in Frankfurt in numerous premiere models, among which there are  Fiat Panda, Mercedes B Class, Citroën DS5 and super cars, such as Ferrari 458 Spider and 911.


The lighting technologies, electronics, powertrains, exhaust and suspension systems components: all these technologies of Magneti Marelli are used in the major novelties of the 64th edition of the IAA planned for September 15th to 25th in Frankfurt. 


Particular attention should be paid to Fiat Panda, one of the most anticipated novelties. The Magneti Marelli technologies are also widely used in the third issue of this successful model: from the headlights, lights, electronics and exhaust systems to the powertrain and suspension components. Halogen lamps are used with the function of DRL (Daytime Running Light) which affects the car front design. On the dashboard there are the car speed and engine rotations indicators set on the instrument panel made in analogue and digital technology where the control lights are placed. 

When it comes to engines, Magneti Marelli manufactures the intake manifolds and engine control units: 1.3 SDE (Small Diesel Engine) 75 hp, 1.2 8V (gasoline) and 900 Twin Air Turbo 85 hp (gasoline) in which there are also installed the energy recovery control electronics used by the Stop&Start system. For these engines, the Magneti Marelli company also provides ("hot end" and "cold end") exhaust systems. All the versions of the new Pandas are equipped with suspension and shock absorbers designed and made by Magneti Marelli.


In Frankfurt, Magneti Marelli will be present with their arrays of indicators mounted in the new supercar Porsche 911 (991). In the seventh generation of the 911 a debut is made by the new dashboard which has retained the traditional round shape and the five elements feeding all the information needed for the driver: the rev counter, speedometer, water and oil temperature, oil pressure and fuel level indicators. In particular, one of the indicator dials is the latest generation 4.6 "TFT (Thin Film Transistor) configurable display screen which collects information related to the navigation and infotainment system functions and has a built-in speaker with an amplifier. 


Also Ferrari 458 Spider makes use of the innovative technology by Magneti Marelli, such as the instrument panel at the center of which there is the rev counter display screen showing the selected gear whereas the TFT screen, located on the right side and taking various colors, displays telematic information along with the functions of navigation, Infotainment, telephone, digital speedometer and parking camera. On the left side of the dashboard there is a screen of the Vehicle Dynamic Assistance control system. Magneti Marelli also provides a rear reflector implementing the LED technology, consisting of an outer rim of 24 red LEDs for the position and brake lights and an internal rim of 16 yellow LEDs (red version for the U.S. market) for the direction indicators. 

In the 458 Spider model, a Magneti Marelli system called Superlift is supplied, whose task is to overcome obstacles on the road when driving. Using a system of hydraulic servomotors and pumps driven by an electric motor and an electronic control unit, the Superlift system is able to lift up the car on the both axles.

For the new Citroën DS5 model Magneti Marelli has chosen to implement LED backlights and the new eMyWay navigation system which enables the use of the Bluetooth technology to communicate hands-free over the phone and offers the function of Media Player complete with a USB port to read music in a multimedia format. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can play audio files from other devices in the car in the wireless mode while eMyWay is the radio and navigation system offering the TMC service and featuring a 7" screen of high resolution and clarity, supporting maps of the whole of Europe stored on an internal SD card. It also allows you to navigate in the absence of a GPS signal. The eMyWay system is also integrated with the rear camera from where images are displayed on the screen. Another important solution used in the DS5 model is associated with the Navidrive SEAL system. For this unit Magneti Marelli has released its "telematics" system, i.e., the control unit which enables in-car services, such as mobile emergency and roadside assistance calls. 


In the Citroën DS5 2.0L HDi and Peugeot 508 RXH models a Freechoice AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) automatic transmission by Magneti Marelli was proposed, controlled by an electronic control system which ensures maximum user comfort with a significant reduction in fuel consumption and, thus, reducing the emissions. Peugeot 508 RXH is also equipped with a dashboard and multimedia navigation and entertainment system developed by Magneti Marelli.


The new Volkswagen UP! Model GDI 1.0 with a three cylinder engine comes with a dashboard and damper made by Magneti Marelli. In Volkswagen Beetle an array of devices with a monochrome TFT (Thin Film Transistor) screen is used. 


The Magneti Marelli dashboards are also available in Audi A5 and the GDI injectors for the six-cylinder VR6 FSI gasoline engines are fitted in Audi A5 and A6.


An extensive use of the Magneti Marelli lighting technology in the new Mercedes B Class equipped with bi-xenon headlamps with active lighting feature of AFS (Adaptive Frontlighting Systems) and an AFX halogen system for automatic antiglare protection. The lighting technologies found also in the restyled Audi A5 (halogen, bi-xenon and xenon headlights with AFS function and LED headlamps), Honda Civic (halogen, bi-xenon and LED headlights), BMW 6 (bi-xenon headlights with AFS function), Mercedes Benz M Class (bi-xenon headlights with AFS function, halogen headlights with AFX and DRL (Daytime Running Light function) and Mini Coupe (xenon headlights with AFS function).

As far as the lighting technologies are concerned, there will also be presented in Frankfurt the full LED solutions used in the models of Mercedes Benz CLS, Audi R8 GT Spider and Audi A7 Sportback. 

The technological evolution resulting from the use of LED and xenon lights has opened new perspectives in the field of safety, reducing the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while offering new possibilities for the developers.

As for Fiat, three new models will be presented in Frankfurt under the brand name of Abarth. The 500 Cabrio Italia model will be produced in 150 copies to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy and features, similar to the new models Punto SuperSport and 965 Competizione developed on the basis of 500 Assetto Corsa, the Abarth Blue&Me MAP navigation with the Telemetry function, developed by Magneti Marelli and Abarth Competizione, which is a mechanical gearbox electronically actuated with buttons on the steering wheel, featuring reduced gear shift time. The 965 Competizione model has a strongly accentuated sportsmanlike dashboard that will be marked with the brand name of Jaeger, which is one of the historical brands of Magneti Marelli.


For their Gran Cabrio Fendi model, Maserati has chosen an instrument panel, the lighting components (xenon headlights with AFS function and LED headlights) and a navigation system, all under the Magneti Marelli brand.


Regarding Alfa Romeo MiTo, it is necessary to signal the new version of Quadrifoglio Verde 170 hp 1.4 MultiAir equipped with the Dynamic Suspension System for electronically controlling the suspension system, which was developed in conjunction with Magneti Marelli and which cooperates with the DNA system. Also the MiTo Twin Air model is making its debut with an engine capacity of 900 cm3 85 hp Turbo (gasoline) for which Magneti Marelli has developed an engine electronic control unit.


As for Fiat Punto, the premiere TwinAir 900 cm3 (turbo-charged) was presented, for which Magneti Marelli has developed an engine electronic control unit.


The Magneti Marelli company develops and produces advanced systems and components for the automotive industry. It has 77 production units, 11 R&D centers and 26 implementation centers in 18 countries, employs approximately 34 000 employees and generated a turnover of EUR 5.4 billion in 2009. The Group is a supplier of all major car manufacturers in Europe, North and South America and the Far East. Fields of activity: Electronic systems, Lighting, Engine control, Suspension and shock absorber systems, Exhaust systems, Aftermarket Parts & Services, Plastic components and modules, Motorsport. Magneti Marelli is part of Fiat Group Spa.

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