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Magneti Marelli at Automechanika Frankfurt 2018

- 12.09.2018

Magneti Marelli Aftermarket Parts and Services is taking part in the 25th edition of Automechanika Frankfurt, from 11 to 15 September 2018, with an exhibition area of over 300 m2 situated in pavilion 3.0, stand B11.


The company’s main products will be exhibited on an innovative stand with an elegant design, enhanced by natural elements such as wood, plants and vertical gardens. The aim is to recreate a comfortable environment and an ideal location to facilitate relations and discuss technology and business.


At the centre of the exhibition space a “road” takes the visitor on a trip to discover the highlights of Magneti Marelli technology such as the most important LED and Full-LED lighting systems of the biggest premium brands in the world made by Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting and available in the solutions offered by Magneti Marelli Aftermarket.


From the latest evolution of the LED Matrix headlamp, managed automatically via cameras and sensors to provide the highest levels of visibility and safety, to the headlight with adaptive high beams, together with the LED versions of the rear lamps adopted by the most important car manufacturers.


In order to better understand the functions of the latest technology in the field of lighting, three demonstrators will use 3D projections to explain the functions of the Multi Pixel module, the adaptive high beam and the rotating module.


The experience in the “Tech Gallery” continues with the best technology from the Magneti Marelli Electronic Systems and Motorsport divisions: cutting-edge instrument clusters and in the field of solutions employed in Formula E we have the 400 hp motor generator and the inverter, together with the High Speed Camera” adopted by all of the cars in Formula 1 for the improvement of driver safety, thanks to a front-mounted camera aimed at the driver’s helmet, which is capable of filming images with a frequency of 400 frames per second. These technologies are evidence of the competence of Magneti Marelli Motorsport in the most important international motoring competitions.


In the diagnosis area, focus is on the most important diagnostic products such as the Flexstar and Visionstar software, which have recently received a patent from the Ministry of Economic Development for their capacity to automatically connect the detected problem to the correlated spare part, and provide the mechanic, via just a few clicks, with all the information necessary to reduce the time required from the selection of the vehicle to the resolving of the problem.


Among the other products displayed, there is Master Alt, for verifying the correct functioning of the alternator directly from the engine compartment, the new Alaska range of recharging stations and the Hybrid Starter emergency starter, designed and produced in Italy and based on rapid-charging electrostatic technology.


Near to this area, a Magneti Marelli Checkstar workshop has been set up, fitted with the new LED signs and equipped with multimedia supports to explain how new-generation vehicles are handled.


The proposals displayed by Mechanics focus on Magneti Marelli suspension and braking systems, a complete range of products with the guarantee and quality of an original equipment manufacturer.


The suspension system includes shock absorbers and wishbones made for original fitting by Magneti Marelli, accompanied by a wide range of gas springs.


The braking system proposes the recently updated line of Magneti Marelli disks, pads and shoes, together with those produced in co-branding with Brembo, offering innovative and technologically advanced solutions such as Max and Xtra sports disks and the premium range represented by composite, floating and co-cast disks.


As a presentation of the success of Magneti Marelli Cofap, the undisputed leader in the South American market with 30 million shock absorbers sold worldwide, a display case will be showing the dachshund mascot of the Brazilian brand. Cofapinho, represented by a wooden sculpture one and a half meters long and 70 cm high, is famous and well-recognised throughout the South American market thanks to the success of the advertising campaign and the strength of the brand, which currently holds over 65% of the IAM market share and covers 98% of the cars in circulation worldwide.


In the Electrics and Electronics area, the excellence of Magneti Marelli products is represented by items for engine management, in particular the GDI direct injection petrol injectors and the throttle bodies for TSI engines produced by the most important German group. With more than 24,000 applications for cars and industrial vehicles, the Magneti Marelli engine control units shown at Automechanika represent just a selection of the solutions available for the After Market.


In the area dedicated to Consumables focus is placed on the battery with AGM technology, the top of the range Magneti Marelli batteries for Start&Stop systems, fitted with a valve-regulated sealed double cover, ideal for large vehicles which require a higher level of energy. Lastly, the display sees the presentation of the new chain kit for motor distribution which the company is offering the market, completing the offer of drive belt kits and individual pieces.

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