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- 28.06.2011

Over 90 competitors turned up on 18-19 June at the start of a mountain car rally in Limanowa. Dariusz Mikolajczyk was one of the competitors on this longest race route in Poland. This time around, he sat behind the wheel of Renault Clio 1.8 16v belonging in the Class of HS/Z - 2000. Out of the total of 11 competitors, Darek won the 9th position on the first day and the 7th one on the second day of the competition.

- This is my first start after a year's break and, immediately, in a different car than previously. Despite this, I was going great but the weakest link was probably the driver :-). The sunny weather on the first day did not cause any dilemmas about the tires whereas the second day consisted of ongoing changes in the weather, with heavy rain alternating with sunshine, which meant that it was difficult to choose the right tires (especially when you only have them in the zero-one system - either dry weather or strong rain). As it turned out, the worse the better - when it rained heavily, I managed to chase the competition riding stronger cars but, as soon as the weather dried out, they were driving away. From here, I would like to thank the companies like CheckStar Magneti Marelli which recognized that the promotion of their brand name through this kind of sport is a good investment and, through them, I was able to let many spectators gathered along the route enjoy my drive.


Soon, on July 9-10, we will see Darek at the hill race to be held in Sopot to which we cordially invite you today.

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