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Magneti Marelli launches the OBD LOG device

- 21.07.2010

To meet the expectations of diagnostic workshops, Magneti Marelli has added OBD LOG device to its offer. The small dimensions allow for plugging directly into the OBD and, then, backing up signals from the control unit of the car. The use of these technologies makes the device able to become invaluable for debugging impossible to detect errors during a visit at the service site by virtue of their periodic occurrence. 


A built-in memory also allows, for example, keeping track of the fuel consumption in the vehicle, which could be an interesting proposition for companies that operate with their own vehicle fleet and want to check the correctness of its use by their employees. Compared to competitive devices, OBD Road also has the capability of resetting errors, a custom database of EOBD errors, an ECO DRIVE function and the recording time of 170 hours.

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