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Medal on OILexpo 2014 fairs

- 26.11.2014

Oils, lubricants and fluids fairs OILexpo 2014, which took place in EXPO Silesia in Sosnowiec resulted with winning the medal for EXTRA ATF device.



EXTRA ATF device enables the exchange of oil for each vehicle with an automatic transmission. The device has an electronic control system which enables exchange the gear oil in an automatic transmission without opening and complete emptying of the gearbox, irrespective of the temperature difference (and thus the volume) between the fresh (cooler) and the waste (warmer) gear oil. Except for controlling the ATF EXTRA device pump work, the software of device controls the oil exchange operation, verifies that the quantity in the  fresh oil tank is sufficient and checks is it still room in the waste oil tank to receive the waste oil.


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