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New product line - TUNING

- 12.08.2009

We are pleased to announce that the offer of Magneti Marelli has been updated with a completely new line of products - TUNING (hierarchy 6TU180F500).

The offer includes 40 codes. All the products are manufactured in the factories of Magneti Marelli, based on the specific serial data of the systems but focusing on improving the performance and aesthetics of the car.

Magneti Marelli has also established a collaboration with a leading Italian manufacturer of styling kits for cars - the company CARROZZERIA CASTAGNA ( – the result of which are high-tech products. 

The dashboard, gear lever knob and mirror housings are made of real carbon fiber. In order to produce them, the same technique is applied as the one used in F1 for the production of the chassis and car wings. The carbon fiber is prepared in vacuum and high temperature, thanks to which it retains its very high strength while, at the same time, it is characterized by its low weight. With safety in mind, the carbon fiber has been prepared so as to guarantee no sharp shards in the event of any collision, as opposed to counterfeit products of glass fibers only imitating carbon that are present on the market.


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