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- 09.08.2011

We are pleased to announce that our existing Magneti Marelli battery offer has been supplemented with new sealed batteries - Magis!


Basic characteristics of the new range:

double thermo welded labyrinth lid that makes it easy to drain acid molecules (gases) and prevents them from getting out;

a positive result in the taking of the so-called Roll Over Test required by vehicle manufacturers and considered to be necessary to ensure safety in the event of a vehicle rollover accident;

optimization of the number of plates which guarantees reliable startup compared to standard batteries;

ISO / TS 16949 certified;

Flame Arrestor disc allows you to drain the gas and protects the battery from external sparks.



Detailed information on the new range of batteries is in section: PRODUKTY – CZĘŚCI – MATERIAŁY EKSPLOATACYJNE - AKUMULATORY

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