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- 27.09.2012

Car manufacturers are more and more often equipping cars with additional LED lights for daytime driving - the so called DRL (Daytime Running Lights). There is also no doubt that installation of this type of lighting systems in older vehicles has become fashionable. As shown by recent laboratory studies by major lighting manufacturers in the automotive industry - this phenomenon is not only dictated by the desire to beautify the car, but is the action aimed at achieving savings in the course of its everyday use.


Magneti Marelli, to meet customer expectations, has introduced to its offer the versatile LED daytime running lighting.


Some basic information about our product:

  • EU production
  • Power Supply (voltage): 12/24V (passenger cars / vans / trucks)
  • Power consumption (power of the set of lamps): 4W (i.e. 2x2W) 2W per lamp - obviously 2 pcs are included
  • Color temperature: 6,000 K (Kelvin)
  • Light output: 220 lm (lumens)
  • Number of LEDs in the lamp: 4
  • The set uses the Standby System (description of the system in the attached folder)
  • LED life - up to 100,000 hours of continuous use (the information in the attached folder concerning the daytime lamps)
  • European product approval: E9
  • Approved for traffic on the basis of compliance with ECE R87 homologation
  • Dimensions of 1 lamp: h. 23mm/ w. 126mm/ d. 29mm
  • Installation instructions inside each set
  • Set (following figure) is composed of many elements for versatile use in passenger cars and trucks

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