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Opar and Magneti Marelli agreement on spare parts market in Turkey

- 11.11.2013

Magneti Marelli and Opar, a company supervised by Tofaş and a leader on the Turkish spare parts market for the automotive industry, have concluded a cooperation agreement concerning the sale of spare parts for the Turkish spare parts market.


Magneti Marelli-Opar is a new brand name dealing with spare parts, created in order to meet the requirements of numerous automotive companies, offering solutions tailored for all types of vehicles while ensuring the best quality-price ratio.

With over 85,000 products Opar has always fulfilled the demand of the automotive industry when it comes to spare parts, and with its cooperation with Magneti Marelli it has gained the opportunity to offer new products and services to its clients.


Kamil Başaran, General Director of the Tofaş company was very pleased with the newly-established cooperation between Opar and Magneti Marelli: "Tofaş, which has substantially influenced the development of Turkish automotive sector over the last ten years, maintains its leading and pioneering position also on the spare parts market. During all those years we managed to maintain quality in the manufacturing industry and on the spare parts and repair market, and all this was possible thanks to such companies as Opar. Opar, the leading company on the country's spare parts market, satisfies the needs of all Turkish clients, guaranteeing excellent quality of original spare parts. Nowadays, thanks to our cooperation with Magneti Marelli, we are even stronger and are able to increase our ability to accommodate numerous automotive companies, providing them with highest quality spare parts. From now on, thanks to Magneti Marelli-Opar, we will be able to offer a rich line of products at competitive prices to dealers, wholesalers and individual clients. This cooperation allows us to become a number one brand name on the Turkish spare parts market."


Pietro Berardi, General Director of Magneti Marelli Aftermarket Parts & Services adds: "As the Aftermarket division of Magneti Marelli, we aim at providing the best service we can to our clients in the area of independent spare parts market. We are committed to this objective in all countries where we are present, and sometimes the best way to realise our goal is through strategic relationships. In view of the fact that Tofaş belongs to Fiat Group and has a wide distribution network as well as long-standing experience in the spare parts sector, it constitutes an ideal partner for Magneti Marelli Aftermarket to achieve its goal. We are very proud that we can cooperate with Tofaş, a company with which we share a common vision – we want our brand to be even more recognisable thanks to a rich product offer and excellent service. This will make our clients more aware of the quality of Magneti Marelli's products for all kinds of vehicles."


Opar, a company present on the Turkish market for over 40 years, is the most recognisable and appreciated automotive spare part provider in the country. The company owes its country-wide presence to a network of Tofaş sellers and its cooperation with large supplying and manufacturing enterprises, both European and Turkish. The company has an impressive distribution network numbering 78 main dealers, 50 authorised garages and over 2,000 retailers offering over 80,000 differend products. Opar is successful in meeting the needs of numerous automotive companies in the field of spare parts and in increasing the turnover of wholesalers and retailers through realising 30% of sales through its website.



Milan – Istanbul, 11 November 2013


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