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Third place in the HR class -the success of Zimny/Mirek, the Checkstar crew, in the Karkonosze Mountains Rally 

- 12.06.2012

Witek Zimny: The Karkonoski Rally proved to be very lucky for us, in spite of many unfavorable circumstances. We were not quite sure if we could start. Literally an hour before the scheduled departure for the rally, our mechanics we were able to piece together the car for which we give great thanks to them. During a test ride, our indestructible Thalia, in which we were driving at the rally episodes, broke down. It has already driven 300 thousand kilometers and had never failed ;). Describing the last episode was only made possible courtesy of ‎‎‎‎Łukasz Lewandowski who took us to his car. Writing up the description from the rear seat is quite an interesting experience, in addition to fact that it was made during one of the most difficult sections of the rally. The issue of our safety belts approval nearly prevented us from starting at the rally. Our colleague Karol Kunkel-Guska helped out by lending his own belts for which real big thanks from us to him. The rally itself had been proceeding without any major problems by then. We tried to drive at the maximum of our abilities despite the fact that our car was trailing a lot behind the competition. Riding smoothly and flawlessly, however, we climbed to the top with each leg completed. We are highly satisfied fact that we were able to finally ride rally through problem free, without any adventures and trips in the open air. But we made some mistakes in the description, and we will have to work on that part.



Szczepan Mirek: I am also very happy with our result. Taking the 3rd place in such a strong and large class is really a big success. We’re delighted by the outcome of the "General Classification" - the 24th place, which puts in the middle of the race group. I finally finished the race :)! Once again, I became convinced that the Karkonoski Rally is an event that's well organized and the most difficult in the whole cycle of the RSMP series. In addition to the guys Witek was talking about, we were helped by Łukasz Gwiazda who was carrying spare belts and an alternator for Thalia at night all the way from Rzeszów to Jelenia Góra. We are looking forward to our home Rally of Rzeszów with great gusto. We invite you to where publish miscellaneous news related to our team every now and then, to, and to find our onboard movies (zimny mirek karkonoski)


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