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Car tuning products

Elaborazioni Magneti Marelli is a group of top-class products intended for true motorisation aficionados. The offer features elements for optical tuning, intended for both fiat type cars and other vehicles. Within the range, the following products are available:

  • exhaust pipes,
  • aluminium rims,
  • carbon fibre decorative elements,
  • complete car bodywork set

The range also includes the so called chip tuning elements. Modules and wire harnesses are intended for turbo-petrol engines and diesel engines. The rich offer of products for the majority of vehicles available on the market allows to modify parameters of a car engine to significantly increase its power. The offer also includes an accelerator module that causes faster reaction of a choke leading to a more effective acceleration of a car.


Elaborazioni products also feature a special line of clothing for men and women.


Downloadable catalogue: Katalog MM Tuning

Downloadable files: Moduły MM tuning



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