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Our behavior in the car is largely responsible for our own safety and the safety of the person sitting next to us.

Before leaving on a long journey, apart from focus on driving, there are also other aspects to be assessed, such as the condition of the car in which we move.

Therefore, a control is absolutely in order, especially when your car, van, motor home or motorcycle has been used for several years and traveled several thousand kilometers.

Proper vehicle maintenance namely guarantees the safety of travel.  

Braking system:

pads and discs are essential and a good rule is to check their state of wear before the typical noise of worn pads will inform you of the need for their replacement.  



care of the tires is critical to safety: tire manufacturers now offer a range of models tailored to the type of car, type of travel and the climate.More and more widespread and recommended are winter tires which should not be confused with snow tires.

They guarantee better performance of your vehicle on wet and icy road surfaces, thanks to the special composition of the rubber mixture and the molding adapted to such conditions.

Periodic monitoring of tire pressure, at least once a month, is essential.  



we tend to remember them only when it rains and their effectiveness is insufficient. Better check them periodically and have them replaced at least once a year to get perfectly clean windows and ensure better visibility.  


Checking the fluid level:

oil plays a vital role in obtaining an optimum engine performance and lower fuel consumption, and reducing the emission levels.

Checking the oil level every 5000 km gives you protection against unpleasant surprises; if necessary, oil must be filled up to the mark in anticipation of the next exchange.  


Air conditioning:

thanks to modern air conditioning systems driving a car is nowadays much more pleasant than ever. This is not just a matter of comfort but also that of safety.

High temperature promotes sleepiness and fatigue. With air conditioning, the car is more comfortable inside, and the filter system protects against atmospheric conditions that can cause annoying allergies. The cabin filter should be changed at least once a year. It is also necessary to control the cooling gas level.  


Inspections and emissions:

in accordance with the regulations, the car is subject to periodic inspections and monitoring of the emission levels.

The inspection is an ideal opportunity to check if everything is alright and perform minor interventions which are of crucial import for the safety and efficiency of the car.

Usually, the car warranty is valid for two years from the date of registration. The first inspection should be done after four years from the date of car registration until the month’s end, except in special cases. The second and, thereafter, any subsequent inspections should be performed every two years, except in special cases.  



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