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Shock absorbers

Gas shock absorbers

hydraulic shock absorbers

Magneti Marelli presents an updated and expanded range of shock absorbers, manufactured using the latest technology. The current range, it is almost 1000 lots, providing coverage of nearly 90% of the European fleet. These products provide the same quality and performance as the original systems installed in new cars. Magneti Marelli offers both oil shocks and gas to ensure high safety and comfort in summer and winter conditions.

Magneti Marelli Shock Motion, both gas and power, have been designed according to different needs arising from the construction of individual vehicles. Magneti Marelli Shock Motion are double-acting shock absorbers, and therefore provide excellent damping both in the compression and rebound. Thanks to this shock Motion Magneti Marelli are characterized by high effectiveness, while reducing noise generated during operation. Simultaneously shock Magneti Marelli Motion ensure high comfort and excellent "adherence to the" road vehicles in operation.

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