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Tools for repairing and testing of compressors

In Magneti Marelli's offer there are also tools for servicing, repairing and dismantling compressors.


 MM vcomp serves as a direct power supply to the control valve for all non-coupling, directly driven, air compressors with an external control of performance without having to create a connection to the electrical system of the vehicle. Their user friendly interface permits significant time savings during the diagnosis of air conditioning. Using MM vcomp, you can expand your performed range of diagnoses of air conditioning systems.


• Power supply: 11-15 V

• Temperature range: -10 To +40°C

• Storage Temperature: -20 To +50°C

• Current input: up to 3 A

• Compressor control efficiency: 3-100%

Currently supported models:

 Denso:5SER09, 5SE09C, 6SEU14, 6SEU16, 7SEU16, 7SEU17

 Sanden:PXE13, PXE16



Magneti Marelli offers sets of tools to assist in the dismantling of couplings, seals, bearings and other components of automotive compressors

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