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Running a business in a network, such as Magneti Marelli, is a guarantee of a number of benefits which enable, for the Magneti Marelli Checkstar Authorized repair shops, the continued use of the technical assistance – the substantial help in solving problems arising during the car repairs.


Magneti Marelli Aftermarket offers all workshops belonging to the Checkstaan network the exclusive and free of charge technical assistance regarding, in particular, the operation of the MM Service Tools, problems in diagnosis­ related to the MM electronic control systems, air conditioning systems, etc. An Authorized Workshop may receive such assistance through:

- the MM website

- e-mail



- By phone: + 48 32 6036142

+ 48 32 6036143

+ 48 32 6036144

By fax: + 48 32 6036145

9.00 - 16.00 Monday to Friday


Authorized workshops have free access to technical assistance in the following areas:

- Assistance in the use of diagnostic equipment

- Assistance in operating the equipment for air conditioning

- Help to use other devices

- Help in solving the basic problems of diagnostics

- Help in solving the fundamental problems with the diagnosis and repair of air-conditioning

- Assistance in obtaining marketing consulting and certification


The second level of support is available for a charge paid as part of an annual package or as a separate option, its scope includes:

- Access to basic databases and schemes (amount of refrigerant, engine diagrams, air conditioning)

- Assistance in solving complex problems of diagnostic control systems:

  • Of engine
  • Of air conditioning
  • A set of indicators
  • ABS
  • Body Computer


- Providing custom installation diagrams, oscilloscope waveforms, technical information

- Help in the repair of diagnostic equipment

- Specific assistance in upgrading and operating the Magneti Marelli equipment


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